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Customer Steam Baths Line


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Customer Steam Baths Line

The cabins in EPS are available in all shapes and sizes, so as to meet the tastes and needs of the customer. It is possible also to add items such as fountains, waterfalls, niches for objects.

Constructive characteristics: high density (30kg/m3) self-supporting structure in EPS, constructed with resistant panels, coated both internally and externally with fiberglass net and levelling compound (except area on the roof). Pavement usually not supplied. This structure is characterized by a very high thermic insulation (0,035 W/mK) absolute impermeability and maximum resistance to time. 

The insulating material is fireproof, non toxic, hypoallergenic, does not pollute and does not contain CFC or HCFC. The structure is predisposed to be fixed with special glue on a preexisting tiled floor, possiibly insulated and equipped with a drain. The various element are united with a special adhesive and levelling with fiberglass net.

The visible part of customer steam bath serie can be tiled or coated with after instalation with the same procedure of a normal wall tiling.