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Salis is the first cabin coverable with Himalayan salt.

It is composed of several modules, that can be assembled according to the needs of individual customer. It is also equipped with a control console with a keyboard very simple to use, which allows to adjust the temperature and humidity level. Music, color therapy and aromarium complete the fantastic wellness offer to be found inside Salis.


Salis is a modular room in which every module has a specific functional characteristic.
The modules for the construction of the room are:

  • Panel with input port in transparent glass, thickness 10mm;
  • Panel console commands for the user interface;
  • Panel with technical part on spraying saline;
  • Panel with salt bricks;
  • Panel for heating with radiating elements in glass.


Function that allows the introduction of steam inside the cabin through ultrasound nebulizer, aromas or particular substances can be added (aloe for rehydration, menthol, balsamic flowers etc.), creating a pure microclimate. The water is then transformed into microparticles that create the fog effect.

Salis maintains the microclimate in its inside; except in case of particular settings, the percentage of nebulization is of 50% and the temperature is stable around 27/30 ° C.
At the end of every session the extraction system for the air inside the room is automatically activated, regenerating the environment.

Ambient temperature

Function that makes possible to adjust the temperature inside Salis automatically and constantly. An ambient temperature sensor guarantees that the desired settings are maintained.

Courtesy light

Using the commands in the keyboard, you can turn on / off at will an additional white light on the ceiling. This light, when on, turns off at the beginning of the session, then turn back on at the end of it.

Aroma diffuser

This function, using the commands in the keypad and on the electronic diffuser, makes it possible to turn an electronic aroma diffusion system on or off during the nebulization phase.


Playing music, previously recorded and organized on an SD card, may accompany treatments. You can also match specific songs to cycles of color therapy. The audio playback will be available through two speakers located on the ceiling of the room.


Salis involves the use of cycles of colored light, emitted from the RGB LED lights positioned both on the rear of each column of salt blocks and on two horizontal supports that light the ceiling on walls without salt blocks. The various colour cycles can be combined with dedicated pieces of music.


The benefits of this treatment are varied and depend on the different essences used. The system of  "cold" nebulization maximizes the effect of aromas and active ingredients placed in the room.