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Multifunctional bed with water mattress
SENSO maximizes the earning power of the cabin thanks to its various fields of application. The customer is enveloped in the beneficial embrace of warm water that encourages physical and mental relaxation. Thanks to a method specially designed by following a cognitive approach to chromotherapy, the beautician identifies the dominant colour and the calming colour, in order to carry out a regenerating massage for the body and a re-energizing light for the mind.

In total comfort, cradled by water. The mattress, in anti-allergy plastic material, contains communicating compartments designed to reduce as far as possible the wave effect, leaving only the sensation of being gently cradled by the water.

Beauty and wellness programmes. The water temperature is electronically controlled at preset values and monitored by the operator using a remote control to activate the toning, relaxation and slimming programmes.

In harmony with colours. The powered lighting colour therapy is evenly distributed throughout the mattress using water as a light diffuser. Lighting creates light points from under the bed to the floor.

Collagen function. SENSO is also fitted with an additional electronic control that regulates the 160W collagen neon lamps, which can be activated on demand. SENSO can be used in conjunction with SCIC, the collagen photobiostimulation panel, to boost its photo-rejuvenating function.

Water massage, a delightful optional extra. Available on request, specially directed jets of water, heat welded to the inside of the mattress offer a delightful massage during treatments.


Length: 211 cm (83.2 in)
Adjustable height (optional): from 68.5 cm (27 in) to 83 cm (32.6 in)
Width: 92 cm (36.2 in)
Weight (depending on the optional extras): from 160 kg (352 lbs) to 223 kg (242 lbs).
Additional weight with water: 150 kg (491 lbs)