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Lumina is an “equipped wall”, which customizes the spa. Each customer is looking for emotion and well-being, for this reason we have decided to create an equipped wall, that could continuously transform every room by dressing it with light and color.

Lumina is an equipped wall with a chromo therapy system, managed by a single remote control. Lighted on, Lumina dresses the room with the chosen color by the customer, or with the color chosen according to the treatment to be made. The room in which Lumina is positioned, can have a new color every day, and a different color for each client. The acrylic shelves are transformed into colored planes of light, highlighting everything leaning on it.

Lumina is easy to install, clean and maintain. Basically it is provided with 5 shelves and 4 drawers.

If in the same room, there are other equipments, the color emitted by Lumina is coordinated via wireless, so each equipments will simultaneously diffuse the same light color.

It can be used in conjunction with SENSO, SABBIA Equilibrium, Spot, Senso, Calido and other equipment.

Lumina is available in two color combinations: natural wood, colour and white or natural, wood colour and wengé.

Height: 220 cm (86.6 in)
Length: 184 cm (72.4 in)
Width: 38 cm (15 in)
Weight: 130 Kg