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The Wall of Salt

Himalaya: the “Wall of Salt” is the new product of  I.so Benessere Line, that can be used in different ways inside aesthetical centers and spa. Please, consult the technical card to deepen the characteristics of our new proposal thought for increasing the value of your business.

The “Wall” can be positioned in any room because it is self-supporting;a wood panel on wich are fixed metal runner (steel, aluminium),assures the assembly of the bricks of salt, made in a simple and precise way. Adhesive or other systems of fixing are not required for the bricks..

The only fixing required is the one of the wood panel support, to the wall of the room where it is decided to position the same wall.
The “Wall” is totally self-supporting, and leave all the whole weight on the floor underlying, that has to be adequate to that application. A wood finish on the external edges, emphasizes the ornament that consents  to combine it with every habitat.