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Crystals is a bed through which the customer can relax on Himalayan salt crystals. This element, completely natural and free of pollutants, has a very high  bio-energy value and contains all the minerals and trace elements necessary for the human body.

It can be used for massage but also for relaxation.
It contains inside
150 kg of salt that can be heated to a temperature of from 32 °C to 40 °C, according to the selected program, thanks to a heating system located under the tub.

The halotherapy, thanks to a LED lights system located below the tile, is combined with the color therapy.

Due to the high temperature inside the Crystal, it is possible to mantain a costant sanitation: the dry setting prevents the formation of mold and bacteria.


Length: 212 cm (83.5 in)
Adjustable height (optional): from 68.5 cm (27 in) to 81cm (31.8 in)
Width: 92 cm (36.2 in)
Weight (depending on the optional added): from 160 kg (352 lbs) to 190 kg (418 lbs).
Additional weight of salt: 130 kg (286 lbs).