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Wellness & Spa Solutions

Wellness & Spa Solutions is a company of which the staff boasts 25 years of experience in the construction of SPAs, swimming pools and beauty farms, as well as in the hotel contract.

The aim of Wellness & Spa Solutions is satisfy all the client’s requests, helping him in the Spa's development. Proposing different kinds of services, one for each need, the company will be able to create an unique and perfect Spa.

Wellness & Spa Solutions team is also available to collaborate with client’s architects or other consultant.


The right approach

To realize a SPA is not something simple and immediate: it needs several steps, each of which requires specific choices - and specific skills - that will lead to the creation of a dream SPA.


Create the concept

Devise a concept is the first step in the design of a SPA.

This will strongly influence the success of the project.

It must shine, thanks to the specific services of the structure, so the end user can understand the philosophy of the spa.

Planning and design

What succeeds in consolidating the concept of each SPA is the design.

The space dedicated to the SPA must be organized in a functional way, so that the user can enjoy all the services smoothly and sequentially.

Wellness & Spa Solutions fully supports the client and his designer in technical plant and engineering, also offering functional consulting services.

Each element, thanks to a careful and conscious study will blend perfectly, giving the structure an absolute harmony.

Selection of equipment

Wellness & Spa Solutions guides and assists customers in the selection of equipment. This is one of the key elements to impose an appropriate standard to the SPA: the customer will feel enveloped in an aura of professionalism and safety.

Only with high-quality equipment it will be possible to control the consumption of water and energy, to minimize or even eliminate wastes, ensuring a secure financial savings and respecting the environment.

In addition, the team guides customers in creating the menu of treatments to offer, the price list and in the choice of cosmetic products best suited to your particular application.

Marketing and promotion

Have realize a perfect SPA is not enough. The promotion of this will make the difference.

Wellness & Spa Solutions, always listening and meeting customer requirements, is able to design strategies to attract the public, organizing events, creating advertising campaigns and much more.

Recruitment and training

In addition to all the aspects mentioned above, the creation of a winning team will be critical.
Professionalism and competence of the staff will become the symbol of the structure.

Wellness & Spa Solutions will help the customer in selecting staff, as well as in the formation of the same, trying to figure out where to place the different personalities, giving the position suited to the characteristics and skills of the individual. Through courses all the tools necessary to perform the work will be explained, thus creating highly professional personnel.

Management and development

The charisma and the ability of the spa manager will be the trump card of the SPA.

Thanks to an extensive network, Wellness & Spa Solutions will be active in finding the right and highly skilled person able to lead to success the spa.

Moreover, the market is constantly developing: it is therefore necessary to insist, even after the opening, on the regular update of the marketing plans and management system, to be updated and aware about news and trends.

Communication and support

At the decisive moment, the opening to the public of the SPA, an active communication between Wellness & Spa Solutions, the hotel staff and customers will be required.

Therefore, our company will be available for any assistance and long-term support.