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Wellness & Spa Solutions

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Wellness & Spa Solutions

Wellness & Spa Solutions is a full service spa consultant with 30 years of global expertise in the mid to luxury hospitality sector. 

Our services range from feasibilities studies, through to pre-opening and spa management. We can provide a detailed spa needs analysis, brand and conceptual planning and a complete spa design & project management. We also provide quality equipment selection, location-relevant and creative spa menus development, staff recruitment and training, professional and retail product selection, solid Standard Operating Procedures, profitable Operating Budgets and a targeted marketing plan.

We create exceptional spas whilst delivering a profitable business model to all stakeholders.


Our Flexible Approach

We can manage your entire project from conception and design to successful Grand Opening or just step in to assist with a specific scope of objectives. We offer you total flexibility to focus resources where most needed and maximize efficiencies.

To explore how we can best help you achieve your goals, contact us. We look forward to working with you.